How do I know if I have a case?

Determining the strength and viability of your case requires legal expertise. From initial intake, we can often advise you if your injury and recovery can benefit from the assistance of an attorney. However, if we feel it necessary, we may suggest a consultation with an additional attorney to explore your situation in greater detail.

What types of cases does Shakhgulyan Law handle?

We are dedicated to handling personal injury cases exclusively, including those that stem from medical malpractice or that results in wrongful death. See our practice areas for details about each specific type of personal injury case we have experience managing.

Will the information I share be confidential?

Absolutely. Attorney-client privilege means that your communication with us is confidential.

Why should I choose Shakhgulyan Law?

Bankruptcy and Personal injury Cases aren’t just a few of the things we do, It is all we do. This means we are focused, and being focused helps you succeed.


When you choose Shakhgulyan Law to represent you, you will have a powerful team of experts and its abundant resources working for you. We have the very best research specialists, investigators, a network of medical experts, and many more ready to assemble and help obtain the best outcome for your claim.

What can I expect if I work with Shakhgulyan Law?

Our goal is to make the experience of working with Shakhgulyan Law simple, straightforward, and efficient. We want you to understand the way we work, and we encourage you to learn about our process in detail during our initial consultation.